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What we cut

Because the nature of the cutting stream can be easily modified the water jet can be used in nearly every industry; there are many different materials that the water jet can cut. Some of them have unique characteristics that require special attention when cutting. Each material cut will have some unique characteristics that have to be taken into account. Water jet cuts are not typically limited by the thickness of the material, and are capable of cutting materials over 20 cm thick.

We cut

Metals Rubber Hardened tool steel
Plastic Foam
Titanium Nylon Carpet
Aluminium Graphite Paper and cardboard
Copper Many ceramics Gasket Material
Stainless Steel 
Carbon Fibre Wood
Mild Steel Composites Brass
Marble Soft, or thin wood
Exotic material Granite Glass

With the water jet almost anything is possible and we do not limit ourselves to any particular type of project. If you have a material to cut and it is not on our list then please ask us for advice on the types of material that would be suitable for your application. Any design pattern, from Stone to Steel, up to 200 mm thick can be cut to your sizes using our state of the art cutting system. With your artwork or CAD drawings we can produce high tolerance shapes to your specifications. We are capable of producing in any quantity from prototypes to full runs of your parts or projects.

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